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CEILING cleaning

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At Anas Building, our specialised ceiling cleaning services can be used for any type of ceiling, including acoustic ceiling tiles and vinyl panel ceilings.

Why is ceiling cleaning important?

When it comes to cleaning, ceilings are often forgotten – whether they’re in a commercial office block, a warehouse or a factory. The fact is, though, that a ceiling is a key place where germs, dust and other pollutants gather. Neglecting ceiling cleaning over a long period of time can therefore result in unhygienic and polluted indoor air.  Anas Building ceiling cleaning services ensure that your ceilings stay clean and hygienic at all times.

  • Acoustic ceiling tiles cleaning

    Created using pressboard, acoustic ceiling tiles are difficult to clean because moisture damages them. Acoustic ceiling tiles are also usually fairly old, which makes them delicate to clean and more prone to damage.

    At Anas Building, we use a Von Schrader machine in our acoustic ceiling cleaning services. This machine applies a low-moisture mist containing an acid mix to the tiles. The mix seals the tile’s surface from more dirt gathering, and bleaches it to improve its appearance.
  • Vinyl panels ceiling cleaning

    This is the more modern kind of ceiling that is made from plaster of Paris panels covered with vinyl. Ceiling cleaning can therefore be done quickly and easily simply by wiping the surface with a standard detergent.